STEMCA Inventor showcase at Maker Expo

A project log for STEMCA Inventor - STEM Education and DIY Amplified

The most advanced, affordable and approachable (easy to use) STEM education and DIY platform with focus on robotics and automation/IoT.

Marius SlavescuMarius Slavescu 09/09/2016 at 13:530 Comments

Maker Expo is a diverse, family-friendly showcase of makers, artists & organizations who create amazing things in celebration of the do-it-yourself spirit.

Excited to see lots of cool projects?

Join GTA Robotics and STEMCA tomorrow at second in Kitchener, Ontario.

Talk with STEMCA Inventor personal assistant (the source will be released soon) and play with very cool robots!

Lots of very interesting people and projects, here are a few in robotics area, ours is DIY Robotics Projects:

More details about our presence at Maker Expo are here on GTA Robotics event page, if you are in GTA you could join our effort to promote robotics education and DIY: