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A project log for N64 Retro Emulation Station conversion

This project is to build a standalone retro emulation station using the Cubieboard 2 (Arm A20) inside a modified N64 console

RetroplayerRetroplayer 05/04/2014 at 18:391 Comment

I've had to take a pause again from working on this due to the day job, but quite a bit of progress has been made which I will detail in a later post. Just wanted to throw in an update of one part:

I want the USB ports to float in the controller ports like the original. So I designed and 3D printed some inserts. The printer I used was a Cube 2 printer (I don't recommend it - thankfully my work paid for it, not me!) They required quite a bit of trimming to fit properly even though I triple checked my measurements due to the inaccuracy of the printer. They are designed to snap into the slots on the sides of the controller port for a tight friction fit.

I am going to be redesigning these to have more of a floating look and hopefully a better fit. I plan to accomplish that by having only three points the length of the USB connector. I will post up the files for it once I get them just right for anyone wanting to do the same.

I am also planning to design and print a bezel for the lens on the front, but I am actually considering doing a chemical etch of some copper sheet for that instead.

Several other custom 3D printed parts are also in the works.

Stay tuned...


john.weland wrote 11/20/2015 at 21:20 point

This is amazing. Do you still have the 3D print files? I am looking for something just like this. 

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