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A project log for N64 Retro Emulation Station conversion

This project is to build a standalone retro emulation station using the Cubieboard 2 (Arm A20) inside a modified N64 console

RetroplayerRetroplayer 05/31/2014 at 23:430 Comments

I haven't abandoned this project, just set it on the side-burner for a bit while I was designing and building some furniture. I ended up buying an Android TV box with an A20 in it to develop on. I also wanted a box for my bedroom TV to stream off my WDTV Live Hub downstairs.

One of my reasons is that cross-compiling is a long learning curve when you are starting from the bottomish part of the hill. It seems so much easier to develop on the hardware.

Anyway, I have gotten Linux to run on it so far and have been able to compile a few things. The nice thing about the A20 is that it is pretty much unbrickable, so great for a newbie like me. I have messed things up so many times now trying to learn. Also nice is the Sunxi support wiki. There are a lot of resources for this processor on that site. Granted, it is not really organized well for a complete beginner, but I am learning.

It was always planned that this was going to be the hardest part for me. I have now reached the part of the project that I am the weakest in. However, I am enjoying the process. Along the way, I am also learning quite a bit about Android.

I did give up on expecting to 3D print my parts on the Cube printer. The printer is junk in my opinion. I was at first using Sketchup and thought that was my problem, so I taught myself inventor and tried that. Same result. It's the printer. Don't get the cubie if you want to design anything with any kind of precision. /rant off

I'll have some more updates soon.