Quantity   Component name
1 × Cubieboard 2 Linux embedded computer with 1GB RAM and 3GB NAND
1 × 120GB 2.5" SATA Drive For storing ROMs
1 × Adafruit Smart Power Switch Allows Cubieboard to shut itself down
2 × 4 port USB hub Used what was on hand. Will be modifying these
1 × Caddy for Dell laptop HDD To make it easy to mount the drive in the enclosure
1 × 6A 5V Switching Power Supply Picked this up from the electronics recycler as well. Removed from the enclosure
1 × N64 Console Only one is needed if you don't mess up. I plan to mess up.
1 × USB mini Wifi Dongle
1 × USB mini Bluetooth Dongle
4 × Panel Mount USB jacks For the controller ports
1 × RJ45 Jack I chose the toolless keystone jack
1 × microSD extender To allow external access to the microSD card
1 × HDMI Extender
1 × 1.3" Blue I2C OLED Display To place behind the front bezel