usb2vga to addressable leds

interface which takes vga video from usb2vga and transforms it in a signal suitable for controlling addressable leds (ws2812b)

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The project is about storing and retrieving data from video signals. I developed a custom built VGA video signal to accommodate a simple interface which controls addressable leds. For my experiment I used 16x16 led arrays of ws2812b. The led's vga signal created with software is decoded and the the 0 and 1 retrieved from the picture are applied to monostables to fabricate the signal needed by ws 8212b. I was able to create 8 channels per color. Each channel can drive 512 leds. For all 3 colors I control a total of 3x8x512 = 12,288 addressable leds. The beauty of this approach is that the refresh rate of the data pushed into the led array is 60Hz, making it suitable for animation and video applications. By adding 4 usb2vga units to a computer 49152 addressable leds can be controlled in real time. The pictures show the controller board w/o usb2vga, the custom built led's screen and the software used for converting moving pictures every 40ms into the led's vga.

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