'Insert' key copies properties from coincident objects

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technolomaniactechnolomaniac 08/11/2015 at 06:130 Comments

Ok...this one is truly pro's only. If you have a net label in schematic and you've name it Foo as seen in the example, and then you want to create a port with the same can either edit the port and type "Foo" like the noobs do, or you can hold the port over the net label, hit "Insert" and the name of the coincident net label will be transferred to the port without you having to (mis)type it. A much easier way to duplicate the text in one thing, and transfer it into another. If you do this with components, it'll pick up the component under the cursor and the component you have hanging off your cursor will become a duplicate of the one beneath it.

Hit insert when they overlap to copy text field between object types...


Place a new part and hold over an existing component...

Hit the insert Key to convert to component under the cursor...Saves having to open the Libraries panel and finding parts again...Blaggh!