RTL-SDR first tests

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Ever wanted a meteor detector? Interested in radio telescopes? This project is for you

Paul ScottPaul Scott 08/18/2015 at 08:190 Comments

Using an Android driver and RF analyzer app, we have now confirmed that the RTL-SDR dongle is, in fact, working correctly. This may be my last log for a while now, as we are waiting on delivery of the satellite LNB components. I had to order out of country for a powered multiswitch, as well as a heavy duty lazy susan for the base. Good thing though, is that the lazy susan is rated at 300 lb's so that should be good enough.

I will now also start designing the worm screw based altitude base, and figuring out any bugs with that too. I am unsure if I will go with the worm screw design, as I may decide to do a pair of stepper motors with LEGO tyres on them on a semicircular blade like design. Much in the same way that fairground roller coasters and things work with spinning tyres to accelerate the thing. Hopefully there will be enough grip to do it that way, as we will then be able to take full advantage of the 200 steps/rev on the steppers.