This project / invention / experiment was discovered accidentally over the course of a few years while I experimented with 3D photography. I see 3D normally, my wife does not. I did not know that my wife doesn't see 3D; she didn't know she didn't see 3D.

One day, while watching a 3D movie through LCD shutter glasses at home, my wife remarked that the quality of the 3D was far better than "real life" or those 3D movies in the theater. This comment caught my attention and I asked her to look around the room while the glasses were still running (vsync to the movie). Sure enough, she saw the room as it truly was!!! I was seized with excitement at the prospect of showing my wife the true beauty of the world and worked with her to fine-tune the frequency of the driver electronics. The LCD shutter glasses used are the traditional 3.5mm stereo-jack wired-style.

My wife has been self-experimenting these glasses for about 2 years without apparent ill effects or complaint; except that they act as sunglasses and are difficult to use indoors.