I designed this head mouse as a replacement for my current method of computer control - the joystick on my wheelchair. I have mnd/als, and the deterioration of my hands has advanced to the point where it is very difficult to operate the computer at all. I have an eyegaze system, which i use for all my typing. The eyegaze equipment works as a mouse replacement, but it isn't good for 3d design, which occupies a lot of my time.
The head mouse uses an arduino leonardo, and a joystick module. I have built a spring slide mechanism to keep the end of the joystick in contact with my

In the bottom left of the photo, there is a masked off area. This is hiding another, unrelated invention, to avoid confusion. The bulk of the unit is 3d printed, with the exception of two metal rods, one fibreglass one, and a couple of collets - all from my parts bin. On the end of the joystick is a 3d printed mushroom with a knobbly cover made of Sugru. The head mouse plugs in to my wheelchair mounted pc with a usb cable.

But does it work? The simple answer is i have no idea. I rely on carers to help me with physical tasks, and i don't have a suitable carer available to help me test it, until next week.