Neucuff Demonstration Video

A project log for Neucuff: A soft orthotic exoskeleton

Neucuff is a simple, powerful, safe exoskeleton for giving Cerebral Palsy patients control over their arms.

Matthew BorgattiMatthew Borgatti 08/16/2015 at 19:030 Comments

Here's a short video taken at Super-Releaser's lab. It's a short clip from a larger documentary project about the Neucuff that will hopefully be published shortly. In the video I talk with Solomon Israel about what the Neucuff is built to do and how it operates.

The project is still missing a few components before it's complete on a systems level. The device needs an electronically actuated valve system, a method for measuring how far the elbow has extended, and a method for triggering actuation. After they're all in place, it will still take a lot of experimentation and tweaking to refine it to the product stage. However, there is some really robust research out there on characterizing spastic muscle activity in CP patients and low power valve control.

I've begun playing with the Advancer Technologies Muscle Sensor v3 and am hoping to use it as the base for experiments creating a measurement and control loop for actuating the cuff.

The cuff was patterned and fabricated by Kari Love. I provided the cast silicone and 3d printed elements.