Ageing and new version

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Instant-Printing-Point-and-Shoot camera. Or yet another Polaroid like.

MuthMuth 02/20/2017 at 12:501 Comment

A very short log entry to show how ages the pictures and to link this project with the PolaPi-Zero

I kept some prints on a desk, close to a windows, and others in a drawer. From left to right, 2 prints from the drawer, one exposed to sunlight behind a windows, and the last one freshly printed with the new version. The dates are correct, the 'old' ones are from mid '15. The papaer is Exacompta 57mm FSC No BPA .

And a detail


esot.eric wrote 02/21/2017 at 08:30 point

Nice aging-effect!

I've found old thermal-printed receipts in old paper-work drawers that were *completely* blank... I wonder if there's a way to prevent that. I've also found some that had some *really* interesting effects... for instance I think I dropped rubbing-alcohol on one, which caused that area to become white, but the area surrounding the drops was rings of various vibrant/primary colors. Been meaning to experiment with those results. - of course, not at all related to PolaPi. ;)

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