Making a professional grade electric longboard from scratch.

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I have been closely following for a while now the development of the "last mile commute" industry and finally decided to have a shot at it.

My requirements are simple:
- First, it has to look as seamless as if i was going to sell it commercially
- Second, it has to comfortably handle speeds of 40 km/h (25 mph)
- And last but not least, the final product must be able to take me from home to school and back home without being charge (about 20 km or 12 miles)

Let the creativity begin!

First of all, I chose the vanguard deck for its shape and height... Then I realised it's the exact board that boosted seems to be using, so it must be a pretty good choice?

As for the transmition, it will be belt driven as this type of transmition does not require lubrification and is generally cheap and easy to replace. I will be keeping the ratio to about 3:1 to avoid most of the belt slippage and undesired wearring.

Here is my GoFundMe page, feel free to help out with the project!

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  • 1 × Vanguard Deck Bamboo deck from Loaded
  • 1 × Trucks Paris 50° 150mm
  • 5 × Turnigy nano-tech 6000mah 2S 25~50C Lipo Pack 37 Volts homemade power pack

  • Transmition

    Félix Labelle03/28/2016 at 22:04 0 comments

    In the last months the project has been left to the side a little bit, but last week I started working some more on my spreadsheet to refine everything and separate the equation a bit better.

    I also did a bit more research to figure out what transmition I will be using, gear type, ratio, belt and I came to conclude in a 3:1 gear ratio, belt driven obviously (more on that in the description).

    See you in the next update,


  • Battery Pack

    Félix Labelle08/13/2015 at 02:22 0 comments

    I am currently in the process of choosing my battery pack and I can't decide if making my own out of a single cell is a good idea.

    The main advantage being that I can then really choose the shape I want for it. Thus having a thinner profile.

    However having never assembled a battery pack before I am a little bit doubtful.

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Pedro Semeano wrote 01/11/2016 at 10:40 point

Hi Felix! Here's a similar project I've done, you can check it out for ideas or inspiration. Good luck!

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Félix Labelle wrote 03/28/2016 at 22:05 point

Thanks Pedro, the links in your blog posts have been quite usefull, especially the industrial wiki!

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