Crap... When Things Go Wrong...

A project log for CANcrusher Car Hack / Development Platform

CANcrusher is an Open Source CANbus development system for hackers and developers interested in a low-cost alternative to the $$$$ systems.

davidDavid 09/10/2015 at 09:450 Comments

One of my prototypes, ok, my main prototype, died a painful death on Monday. Something shorted 3.3V to GND and I couldn't figure out what it was. Typically when this type of thing happens, you start removing the likely components and replace them. I tried doing this, yet each time I removed a component, the short was still there. Long story short, I removed EVERY component and the short is still there. I cleaned the PCB, solder wicked all the excess solder and it still remains. I have a USB microscope on order so I can take a look at the board and see what's up. In the mean time, I do have a second prototype and will continue down the path as soon as I'm able. For those monitoring the progress of the project, sorry for the delay.