Setting up a Local Server:

A project log for ESP 8266 Web Server

A web server to display data from ESP8266/ESP32 WiFi devices

michael-otooleMichael O'Toole 08/14/2015 at 13:240 Comments

Basic Setup:

Setting up a local server can be a bit tricky but normally installs without issues. You can install all the software (php,Apache,MySql) separately or use one of the main stream installers such as WampServer, Easyphp (Windows) or Lamp (Linux/OSX).

For most, a main stream installer package is the preferred method as it makes the job considerably easier...

One you have it installed and working you should have a www folder (the folder name is depends on the software installer chosen and may differ depending on the package... for example Easyphp names the folder localweb)...

To test you install, browse to, you should see an example page.

Adding a basic database:

Open phpmyadmin (it's part of the installed package) and create a database called esp... Open that database and choose import... browse to the downloaded folder (one form my git) and choose the devices.sql file and import.

Setting up your first test site:

My git contains all the necessary code to build and test your first project... Simply download the repository and copy the esp folder to your www folder. Load the sketch into an ESP8266 test board...

In your browser, browse to Click on the monitor icon and power up your ESP...

The ESP8266 will send a signal every couple of seconds with preprogrammed data and a random ADC level (you can connect some device here to mimic input). The monitor.php web page will display the information every two seconds using ajax...