PCB issues and Firmware progress

A project log for FT8900 Interface unit

PC interface unit for the yaesu FT8900 amateur radio tranciever

tyler-ward-scorpiaTyler Ward (Scorpia) 03/08/2016 at 12:360 Comments

After a bit of a Hiatus on this project I am back with some progress.

The PCB's from the previous log have a few issues which I missed before I sent them off. The order of the pins on the 6P6C connectors for the head and body are the wrong way round, I recrimped the link cables to fix this. In addition the connectors for the head and body are switched so they are in the wrong place on the board. luckily both of these where fixable without too much trouble, but I will need to do another revision at a later date.

I have attempted to 3d print the case a couple of times and seem to have got the right dimensions but the pieces have warped meaning that the case halves don't fit together properly.

With the hardware issues identified it was onto writing some firmware.

So far on the firmware I have added the ability to read the state of elements on the LCD and the state of controls being send back to the main unit. In addition it can also decode the text being displayed on the LCD and convert it back into human readable strings. The next step will be to write the code that allows for the streams between the head and body to be manipulated as they pass through.