First test board etched

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Process tank and Reverse Pulse Current power supply

alexander-tuxenAlexander Tuxen 09/19/2015 at 23:470 Comments

First things first, all the .3 to .7mm vias have no measurable resistance (measured with my cheapo multimeter). Other than that, there are a few things wrong with this board: The CNC router shut itself down in the middle of a drilling cycle, and after that, the Y axis was slightly off, so the .8 and 1mm holes are all in the wrong place. Also, I printed the film the wrong way around, but I didn't even notice until the board was etched.

This is a 1.6mm board, which makes the aspect ratio of the 0.3mm holes roughly 1:5. I'll have to figure out how to make a clean cross section of one of those holes to look at the wall thickness, but still, that's quite impressive for a bottle of battery acid and an old PC power supply.