A project log for Hand Drive

A wheelchair attachment that allows any wheelchair to be powered in a rowing motion. It is 3D printable, open source, and available to all.

kate-reedKate Reed 09/02/2015 at 21:540 Comments

We decided to take a step back to look at all of our previous prototypes and have a conversation. When we started this project, we had absolutely no idea how to use the software or even 3D model. With so many different prototypes completed, it’s time to take a step back and really evaluate them. This is that winding path we call the creative process, and we are used to this.

We agreed that one of our earlier prototypes had more possibility, so we want to work on that particular prototype some more to see where it can go. This is the prototype that has two double ratchets, and was actually the prototype that we took to the White House. Now with a few months passed and a few prototypes later, we feel we have more skills then we did before and can take this particular prototype to the next level.

We decided to keep the same basic design for this prototype, but instead of having two ratchets we are planning to use a double ratchet, something we discovered in one of our recent prototypes. With the double ratchet, we will have fewer variables to worry about. Because we have been working for a few months with the 3D printers, we also have a better sense of how much we can combine our design with the strength of the 3D printer filament before the Hand Drive will break.

This redesign of the Hand Drive is stronger, smaller, and prettier. Now we have a really solid prototype of the Hand Drive that works at one speed, and does not break. Our next step is making it faster.