August 2015 - Open sourcing a year's worth of development, and hoping HAD thinks we're awesome

A project log for Low Cost X-Ray Systems for Developing Nations

This is the result of 3,500 man-hours of labor and love, but we need your help to push it forward, HAD community

Adam MunichAdam Munich 08/15/2015 at 22:430 Comments


Without many folks interested in helping us build better x-ray hardware, we're turning to my favorite blog for support.

Despite being adept hackers, to take our projects from "that's cool and kind of works" to, "we can make a bunch of those for WHO" will require experiments, tooled molds and other things that are a bit out of our chicken-strips budget.

We're going to open-source our development, inventions, and hope that the community and judges find our mission worthwhile, and our work impressive enough to support.


Without further adieu, here's everything that can be built at home.


Parts list for the 200W source:

Board file for the 200W source:

Cad model for the 200W source (Rev 1):

Cad model for the 200W source (Rev 2):

Code for the 200W source (Rev 1):

Code for the 200W source (Rev 2):

Code for the photostimulable phosphor sensor:

CAD model for the sensor prism:

CT scanner source files: