Artist Rendition of "Productized" Designed Look/Feel of Project

A project log for Household Electrically Enhanced Wet Scrubber

A household air purification unit for kitchens, labs, & smokers used to scrub fine particulates and VOC's out of the air.

Jimmy LockeJimmy Locke 09/21/2015 at 06:250 Comments

Here is what a consumer product implementation may look like. With the help of my wife, a sketchup model was produced of a counter top version of a wet scrubber recirculating hood. The rectangular hood would contain a centrifugal blower. The two stage electrified wet scrubber would exist in the central pillar, the cleaned air would exit at slits in the feet, directing air back into the hood to create an air blade "wall". This type of product form factor would be fitting for the kitchen and the laboratory.