ESP8266 breakout board alternative

An ESP8266 breakout board alternative only with 2,54 mmm pin headers.

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If you can live with loosing one GPIO pin on each side, this is an easy and cheap alternative for transforming the 2mm pin pitch to 2,54mm pin pitch.

Make sure that you do not leave out GPIO0, as you will need it for programming!

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Pete Cervasio wrote 01/23/2017 at 04:07 point

I wired this up and it worked great, but in hindsight I think I'd redo it.  If GPIO 2 is tied to VCC through 10k and 15 tied to ground through 10k (which is what you need to boot), then the pins currently tied to GPIOs 0 and 2 can be bent the other way and go to 4 and 0.  Then GPIO 16 can be jumpered across to the pin that used to be connected to 15.  That way the two lost I/Os are doing something useful.  :)

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