2nd Log- Stuff that I'm trying to make

A project log for Next Generation of 3d Printing

Here I want to test how 3d printing can be improved in quality and in price

Paulo AndradePaulo Andrade 08/20/2015 at 14:191 Comment

First of all the stuff that were missing still missing, no mail for me in the past 2 days.

Bored, I tried to make the X and Y axis mechanism:

I've used another draw runner in one axis so the mechanism would be less heavy. The new size of the bed is 44 x 48 cm (17 x 19 inches)

This mechanism isn't complete and i should get better tape (sugestions please)


SUF wrote 08/20/2015 at 20:41 point

Better tape? Duct Tape? Good for everything! :-D

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