Car Generator

A tiny small power generator everybody can mount to his car

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For helpers at conflict and disaster areas having electricity makes the difference. We made this power generator as a part of a planned disaster equipment that can turn every car into a field hospital.

We use this electric motor as a generator. To get electricity you need to lift your car, disassemble one front wheel and put some kind of wood under the other wheel to make sure your car can't move. Then you mount the flange together with the generator directly to the drive shaft. At the bottom of the generator is a steel frame working as a lever to get the counterforce against the torque of the drive shaft. To find the perfect shift of your car we will add some kind of revolution counter to the generator. So you can find the perfect gear to almost match 50 Hz and you will have a power supply where ever you need.


- Inventor Student License for the CAD Program

- for the CAD-Data of the generator



This flange only fits to a car with five wheel bolts. Flanges for other versions will follow.


We just bought this electric motor via a small advertisement in the internet. It was about 40 €.

At we found a almost similiar motor for the Computer Aided Design Data.

Almost every synchronous electric motor can be used for this kind of generator operation.

- Counter bar

As you can see in the video it is possible to use every material you have for the frame. The task of the frame is to press the force, produced by the torque of the drive shaft, through the bar to the ground. For the first prototype in the video we have just mounted a wooden bar to the electric motor. In the picture below you can see the steel frame we are going to weld.

- electric box

Inside the electric box we will install all the electric parts necessary for the generator. It will be equipped with a power socket and a frequency meter. With the frequency meter you can adjust the revolution speed to fit the 50 Hz.

We will add pictures of the flange, the frame and the electric box as soon they are finish.

  • 1 × electric motor needed as the gnerator
  • 1 × Frame needed to get the counter force against the torque of the turning drive shaft.
  • 1 × Flange needed to mount the whole generator to th drive shaft of the car
  • 1 × electric unit here you can plug in your devices

  • Electric box

    Manuel Oexle08/16/2015 at 16:52 0 comments

    For better choose of the best matching gear we will add a frequency meter. We ordered one and it will be delivered next week. So with this we can install the electric box.

  • Flange

    Manuel Oexle08/16/2015 at 09:02 0 comments

    In lack of a lathing machine and in lack of any contact to someone with a lathing machine we decided to order the flange at a manufacturer. But this may take some time.

  • Framework

    Manuel Oexle08/16/2015 at 08:50 0 comments

    We first started with a wooden bar as frame for the generator. In lack of time we just built it to show in the video how our generator will work. As part of the improvements we decided to build a steel frame for the generator. taking steel as material we can design the frame a little bit lighter and more compact.

  • Start of the project

    Manuel Oexle08/16/2015 at 08:37 0 comments

    We now started to work on our Car Generator Project.

    First of all I got this used electric motor we are going to use as a generator.

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