A project log for Valify V2 Robot Lawnmower

3D Printed Jetson TX2 based robotic lawnmower aims to build an "smart" robotic lawnmower using open technology

Robin FröjdRobin Fröjd 05/17/2018 at 07:370 Comments
The URDF is very time consuming but its coming along nicely. I have added all joints and are now working on to make them work as in reality.
The wheels are working great and the visualization in RVIZ presents the reality very well.

I have also started to work with the IMU joint and the ability to visualize the rotation of the robot (pitch, roll,yaw). To got this working I am using robot_localization pkg (sensor_fusion) Here I am fusing Odom and IMU to odometry/filtered. The visualization is still not very good for the IMU and will need some more love