Soldering HAL-e

A project log for HAL-e Robot Kit for Kids

A kit that demystifies robots for children using first assembly, then sequential programming.

meg-aMeg A 08/15/2015 at 18:250 Comments

Part of building the kits before we give them to the kids is soldering the two electronic components. Ideally we wouldn’t have to do this ourselves, but we can’t find a motor driver combined with an Arduino online, and its too expensive to pay for them to be made. Luckily, I've been soldering since I was 7. Plus, unlike Kat, I don't have the propensity to burn myself using the wire. I keep telling her to forget her dinner manners and keeping her elbows down on the table while she's soldering. It would help keep her hands from shaking, but she doesn't always do it.

Looking ahead, we'll need to get a process worked out to solder HAL-e quickly and effectively, without ruining any electronics in the process.