Planning the development lifecycle

A project log for Meditech

A multifunctional measuring system for health and disease support, in cases where it is difficult an immediate intervention.

enrico-miglinoEnrico Miglino 08/20/2015 at 20:550 Comments

This project involves several disciplines and different approaches so first of all it has been divided in sub-projects accordingly with the general description of what should be reached.
Some parts should follow a chronological order but there are other steps that can overlap and will be joined together when the development steps needs.

Adopted development and documentation tools and packages
The following is a list of the tools that will be adopted during the development lifecycle, as much as possible open-source products and platforms.

Firmware and software development
If needed the Linux environment on the Raspberry PI will be Qt-based with the framework QtComplex that I have developed time ago with the Qt Nokia crew then always maintained.
Eclipse + ADT plugins for the Android development, Android version 4.4+
Eclipse with the C++ environment for the linux side on the RPI devices
Where needed specific development platforms where hardware requires them

Hardware design and prototyping
PCB prototypes, as well as all the supports and mechanic components will be created with a mill machine controlled by Mach3 on a dedicated Windows platform
Circuit schematics, design and PCB layout will be created with Eagle 7.x

To fasten and simplify the documentation operations, excluding the designs and hardware implementation and testing that are documented with graphics, exported images, videos and photos, all the documentation is included in the software and final documents are created with the Doxygen + LaTex tools. The documents will be available on the Balearic Dynamics reference site.

Software sources
All the software sources packages are versioned under Git hosted on GitHub.