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A project log for One Handed Keymouse

A chorded keyboard with a built in mouse

patrick-taitPatrick Tait 08/16/2015 at 00:310 Comments

We have the basic layout, two buttons under the index fingers, one each for the other fingers and the thumb stick under the thumb.

Sourcing the parts was easy. I had a lot of left over keyboard cherry switches from my Chair Mounted Keyboard project and several dead ps/3 controllers a soldering iron away from donating their joysticks.

Figuring out a way to place them under the proper fingers was a bit trickier. The idea for the index finger controlling a combination of two keys was stolen from the Chordite keyer, he generally uses limit switches and coathangers for his keyer and my using cherry swtiches somewhat limits the applicability of his construction methods. Working with what materials I had at hand I decided to roll out a sheet of shapelock and mold it to my hand.

This was less painful than expected, but still probably not the best way to make ergonomic human interface devices.

The keys were placed on the molded plastic, attached with strips of shapelock, and solder wires run. For simplicity I chose to have a common ground and all individual strips have their own wire as opposed to any sort of multiplexing. Hopefully this won't come back to bite me down the road