Got it working in labjack

A project log for One Handed Keymouse

A chorded keyboard with a built in mouse

patrick-taitPatrick Tait 08/16/2015 at 17:380 Comments

We have the hardware, we have the layout, now we just need to do something useful with it.

I decided to prototype the keyer with my LabJack U12 and python. Since I run Linux interfacing python to generate keyboard events is as easy as writing commands to xte(1) to run the keyboard and the mouse. Now, I'm not going to lie, this is an ugly hack and I should be ashamed of publishing it, but working 55 hours a week in customer service I found shame to be a liability.

The wiring is entirely free form, hence the somewhat scattered look on the diagram.

It seems to work well enough. Going from 60 wpm on qwerty to hunt and peck is painful but there's always a learning curve.

Still need to think of a good name for the keyer, maybe etaim after cyclilng through the keys?