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A chorded keyboard with a built in mouse

patrick-taitPatrick Tait 09/09/2015 at 05:010 Comments

Got typing for the basic alphanumeric chords working. None of the shifting yet so zero punctuation or numbers. Been doing a bit of practice with gnu typist on Dvorak mode to keep the symbols to a minimum. Getting about 10 wpm when I really try. I'm thinking that the current design of type on release will slow me down, but I'll need to be good and reliable before I can start hitting the chords on the downstroke.

It's also quite good for typing on the move. I was able to type on the elliptical machine with the chorder, a feat I've never been able to mach with a conventional or on screen keyboard..

Full hat tip to Mr. Ganssle's debouncing guide. I've done switch deboucing before but his page cut down on a few lines of code and may have added a bit to the reliability.