pixel-see-decibel: sound localization and characterization on screen

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A wearable device that functions as an aid for individuals with hearing disability through visual cues. The device localizes and characterizes sound to display this on a portable, low-power screen.

The project has the following components:
a) hardware that captures audio and provides visual cues
b) software for audio processing and analytics

For prototyping, we currently use a beaglebone black board. Four microphones hooked up to the board capture the audio at 8bits/sample, 9.091kHz along the 4 cardinal directions. The collected data streams in real-time are buffered on a shared memory on the board, and then analyzed on the same board (in python/C/C++). The visual cues are sent to a tiny low-power, 84px by 48px screen connected to the beagleboneblack board.

  • 2 × TL074 Amplifier and Linear ICs / Operational Amplifiers
  • 16 × Resistance 10k (audio amplification)
  • 4 × Resistance 330 (audio amplification)
  • 4 × Potentiometer 10k (audio amplification: gain control)
  • 4 × Capacitor 2.2uF (audio amplification)

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