I am probably running a bit late for the HaD Prize. So would explain the project with brevity.

I was working on a cricket score on glcd via raspi project to keep me aware of score of a particular match of a series. It turned out well and i used to throughout the World Cup and even IPL. I blogged about it as well.


Analyzing the way we consume information has been a recent hobby. I made a list of few things that if done separately consume lots of time. Like checking for meetings, Notifications on twitter, Shipping status of a long waited ali express parcel or even flipkart ones, News that interest etc etc.

So, i thought of making a wall mounted screen that notifies you when something interesting comes up.

Many can argue of an App to do that. Certainly but the physical limitations of an App are huge and its always trapped behind the Gorilla Glass among other gloomy ones but lacks that physical connect.

So, The idea is to make scripts that can be configured via a webpage on a dedicated linux board like Raspi or Edison and establish a framework that has the following things based on user settings (Explained in context of the CricPi example):

  1. Listens to a particular event on the web/stream and produces a trigger response if something important pops up. (eg- A new wicket goes down)
  2. Produces a live output (eg- current score)
  3. Interacts with the user in an audio/visual manner (eg: flashes a LED if wicket goes down with a TTS prompt)
  4. Can be configured/programmed by the user to do what he/she wants .(eg- like which match to watch)

Notifications will be dismissed only when the user is present using an NFC band or PIR.

User can scroll through the UI using haptic gestures like waves or a Toggle Joystick.

I have a bit busy day job. But i have written quite a few plugins like for weather, news and instagram etc that run on the pi and i am yet to integrate it into the form i intend.