First "clamp in" solar panel

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jack-pearseJack Pearse 08/18/2015 at 13:460 Comments

Until today I've only used ready made stuff. Now I want to make my first solar panel which can be easily clamped to the window by design.

Today I unwrapped a new package of monokristaline solar cells (30 pieces).

Right now I am not sure how to build it. Maybe a plastic or aluminium back will be used. Maybe the cells will be covered with a UV translucent acrylic glass or it will be moulded using resin.

One thing is sure: I will include the square shaped aluminium profile withe the panel. This should be the first step into a "product". The new panel should be easily mountable by just turning two nuts.

This will be my last panel using silicon cells. For the next iterations I will use flexible CIGS cells. It's time to say goodbye to silicon technology. The future is flexible!