Quantity   Component name
2 × Monokristaline module A high efficient solar panel (small surfaces need higher efficiencies)
1 × valve-regulated lead acid battery I use a lead battery. Battery technology is evolving. This will be replaced by better systems soon.
1 × Inverter Converts 12V DC TO 230/110V AC
1 × Clamp, metal parts, screws Yo need to mount the solar panels to your windows sill in a storm save way.
10 × solar cable 4mm Cables for connecting the system
10 × Multi-Contact 4 (MC4) solar connectors These connectors are certified for solar panels and are water tight.
1 × DC-DC converter It's more efficient to transform 12V to 5, 12, 19, 24, 36, 48V than 110/230VDC
2 × 12V car cigar jack Use these jacks if you want to use standard car electronics.
1 × solar tab wire This is used to produce a flat cable to thread it through the window
1 × shrinking hose Insulation
1 × solar battery charge controller you need this controller to load the battery
1 × ampere meter To show what's happening an ampere meter is useful