14 September update: schematic complete, PCB routing on his way

A project log for Rasky, raspberry pi 2 KVM over IP

Rasky is an expansion board for raspberry pi model 2, a collection of software and some 3d models to build an open source KVM over IP

Franco (nextime) LanzaFranco (nextime) Lanza 09/15/2015 at 09:300 Comments

The schematic for Rasky is now complete. A couple of notes:

- Rasky will have a power supply circuit to manage 4x Ni-MH AA rechargeable batteries used to assure safe/clean shutdown of the raspberry in case of power loss or failure

- The ATMEGA used for keyboard and mouse emulation can be reprogrammed from the raspberry, so, a future update to add usb storage emulation can be pushed without external hw

The final schematic is here, details of this update:

A couple of 3d models of the board