21 September 2016 update

A project log for Rasky, raspberry pi 2 KVM over IP

Rasky is an expansion board for raspberry pi model 2, a collection of software and some 3d models to build an open source KVM over IP

Franco (nextime) LanzaFranco (nextime) Lanza 09/21/2016 at 22:010 Comments

Long time (too many months) is passed without updates. This was due to the missing goal of the crowdfunding campaign and some personal issues.

Anyway, despite my long silence on Rasky, i have great news, and in those months I've worked out some tests on both hw and software side, and, amazingly and unbelievably they fully worked at first try.

Also, the prototype was tested on rpi2 B+ AND rpi3 with success, rpi3 is working even better thanks to a faster bus clock and more resources in general.

This allowed me to move forward and start to optimize the design for final production.

I'm working on the new and final PCB, the one i will finally ship, and, if anything goes as expected, i will be able to ship to backers before the end of the year, probably first PCB even before the end of October.

The new PCB design will introduce a lot of simplifications and optimizations, and will get rid of most of the useless hardware and components there was on the prototype. The most notable changes are:

- Get rid of all the useless I/O buffers, we don't need to connect every chipset to every SPI/I2C, they all work great on the RPI, so, only a single buffer to manage different voltage levels is needed, no more duplication.

- Power supply circuit completely revisited, battery support removed as I have now a board that can stacked up with Rasky to provide this functionality, and removing it will simplify the circuits, will drive down costs, and will let anyone doesn't want to use it doesn't pay for it. The supporters of the project will have a SafePI included in rewards.

Stay tuned, in next few days i will put online new material, schematics and PCB design for the new board.

Thanks to all backers for your patience, Rasky is back and it's here to stay and get real!