Kite Team and Night Flying

A project log for Team Kite Light System

A complete solution to add lights to Dual Line Sport kites to be used by Austin End of the Line Kite team

MichaelMichael 08/17/2015 at 02:530 Comments

One of my many hobbies is flying kites. While I do enjoy flying simple single like kites that you can get a the local Wal-Mart what really gets me excited is flying Dual-Line Sport Kites as a member of the Austin End of the Line Kite Team. We travel around and fly choreographed routines to music at various kite festivals Austin EOL. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Austin EOL Kite team. Over the last several years we have been incorporating night flying into our performances by attaching a handful of LEDs on to the leading edge. This project in an attempt to take the simple always-on LEDs to the next level based on the axiom that anything worth doing, is worth over doing.