Ball Balancing Test Base Fabrication and Assembly

A project log for OSCAR: Omni Service Cooperative Assistant Robot

A project aimed at developing a humanoid ballbot platform.

Poh Hou ShunPoh Hou Shun 08/17/2015 at 16:240 Comments

The designs for the balancing test base were done in Solidworks and exported to .dxf files. These were then brought out for laser cutting. Instead of acrylic, plexiglas (also a type of acrylic) was used. We found that plexiglas is more flexible and stands up the rigor of drilling without cracking.

With all the pieces back from the laser cutter, we begin the ardous task of drilling all the holes for securing the mount for the stepper motor. Holes of 3.5mm diameter were drilled and tapped for M4 screws.

The spacers were cut to the appropriate length using a lathe. The central hole in the wheel hub for the holomonic wheels where also enlarged to 1/4" to accommodate the stepper motor shaft. The wheels were then installed onto the motor shaft.

Finally all the parts were assembled.