A project log for Anglerfish for Bikes

It's dark, you're out late, and can't find your bike. Press the button on your phone or remote and the bike lights up and lures you back.

bob-baddeleyBob Baddeley 08/17/2015 at 13:300 Comments

No sexy pictures here because code isn't sexy to look at. However, I can throw in a demo video of the firmware working. The firmware now works for both the transmitter and the receiver.

The neat thing about the receiver globe is it uses the standard FindMe profile, which means that it appears like many other FindMe devices (StickNFind, Tile, Tod, the list goes on), and so it should work with all their apps, too. It is easy to connect from a smartphone or tablet, so you don't really need the remote unless your phone's range isn't very good.

What you're seeing is the receiver is beaconing every 5 seconds (to save battery), and in low power all the rest of the time. You can connect to it and set it to blink or not. You can also change the blink speed and pattern.

The transmitter starts scanning (expensive for battery life, so you have to wake the device to initiate that), finds and connects to the globe, and tells it what alert state to be in. There's a hidden key combination to put it into config mode, which allows you to connect to it from a smartphone and configure the MAC address of the globe. That way the remote is only paired to its own globe.