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A project log for Individualised nasal CPAP cannula for preterm kids

Preterm infants come in lots of different sizes. Nasal CPAP cannula come in few sizes. Read on to see if we can 3D print a solution.

Ben HartmannBen Hartmann 09/21/2015 at 09:240 Comments

So I needed to understand how Processing draws complex shapes. The reference describes an important aspect of the beginShape/beginContour function "The vertices that define a negative shape must "wind" in the opposite direction from the exterior shape. First draw vertices for the exterior shape in clockwise order, then for internal shapes, draw vertices counterclockwise."

So I tried 'cutting' a circle out of a flat rectangle (red stroke and white fill kinda shows what is going on).

This gave me the idea of making my life a bit easier and flattening the top of the base cylinder in the CPAP model so I could use a modified version of my testing code from the above example.