Dropbox link added (code and .stl)

A project log for Individualised nasal CPAP cannula for preterm kids

Preterm infants come in lots of different sizes. Nasal CPAP cannula come in few sizes. Read on to see if we can 3D print a solution.

Ben HartmannBen Hartmann 09/21/2015 at 12:090 Comments

Have linked dropbox folder that contains current Processing code. Also contains an .stl file of the plug I printed for the digital calipers. It can be seen in the photo's and early video. I didn't want to solder wires to the pads in calipers so used this and some breadboard jumper wires to create a custom connector. Just stripped the plastic off one end of the breadboard wire, pushed it through the 3D printer part (holes cleaned with 1mm drill bit). I then bent the wire ends down and filed them flat. Little bit of heat shrink on the wires to keep it all in place. Plugs into the back of the digital calipers - works quite well.