Part the Second

A project log for Path Lighting for Walker

A lighting rig that attaches to walkers to assist users to see where they are going in the dark.

scubabearscubabear 08/17/2015 at 10:310 Comments

Next up was the LED tape selection. I wanted to use waterproof tape, because I learned from building the LED lightsuit for Dr Manhattan on the Watchmen movie that unprotected LED strip is easily damaged. Waterproof LED tape wasn't available back in 2007 when we did that movie (back then blue LED tape was over $100 a roll!), but silicone-sealed LED tape is easily available from Amazon, and I had a partial reel of it left over from something I did for The Magic Castle a few years ago:

I cut a piece to the proper length to fit the front bar of the walker, and then stripped away the silicone an inch in so I could solder the wires onto it (a rosin flux pen is invaluable for this!) and then heat shrink the whole thing to protect the junction.

Tape with silicone cut away:

Wires soldered:

Heat shrinked:

And installed on the walker's front bar: