Legbones connected to the ... El-bone?

A project log for Tension Biped - A new take on a 9g Servo Walker

- A new take on a 9g Servo Biped Walker

Hooptie J 09/01/2015 at 18:440 Comments

after breaking a "Tibi-fibula" (i dunno what to call the legbones, any zoological anatomy folks wanna help?) - anyway - after breaking a leg bone during R-O-M checks , i decided to do a minor re-work on the tendon hooks. - New legbones in White/translucent

while i was at it , i modified the El-bones?Kneebones? whatever - to include a tensioner on the rubber band tendon. (new legbones in white, new "elbones" in green)

the Elbow/Knee now includes ramps that pull the joint parts together when the tendon is stressed, instead of the tendon slipping down between the parts, its increased the lateral stability of the legs noticeably.

I also Got most of the design on the upper servo brace/bracket done and printed- i'll add another log with the specific there later today.