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A project log for Tension Biped - A new take on a 9g Servo Walker

- A new take on a 9g Servo Biped Walker

Hooptie J 10/23/2015 at 22:193 Comments

Sorry all, There's been some progress, but ive been totally wiped out by Real life -

spent 2 weeks sick with a throat infection, no progress-

torn rotator cuff - yeah, a 5'10 150lb guy probably shouldnt move a full sized file cabinet alone without a dolly, my dad thanked me for getting it out of his house, but recovering from a throat infection , then tearing my rotator cuff, ive seriously hurt my ability to Day-to-day anything, so, very little progress for almost a month

that all said - the last week or so has been a whirlwind of progress -

New Control systems Have arrived! - Arduino based Brains and controller, we'll be seeing a Nano328 taking the place of the Raspi+I2c Board, and a Mega 2560 on the base station end, NRF24L01 Wireless 2.4 radio link .

i DID get extras of EVERYTHING this time, ive got an Extra Nano, and a couple of spare 2.4 transceivers,

Ive already got basic "stick to servo" controls functional, Sidenote* Arduino is SUPER easy to get started with..

I also ordered a Bucket of Extra Servos to replace the ones ive damaged already (both waist servos, and one ankle servo have developed dead spots and/or grindy gears) , with enough leftover for a second bot.

that said, A Second Bot is under construction - calling him "One", started calling the original bot "Zero".

plans are to test against each other for part and software revisions, a walking "spare parts supply" and possibly to have an extra robot for demos or purchase possibilities.

Ive Also got Mk3 UNTETHERED - with the new Arduino + 2.4ghz link system, it was as simple as slapping on some AAs in a battery pack and Off to the races!

I'll get some more in-depth updates and pics later!


Radomir Dopieralski wrote 10/24/2015 at 11:27 point

Welcome to the world of compulsive robot builders! Once you have two of everything, there is no reason not to build a third robot, using all that you learned from the previous two. And then you can use the new knowledge to rebuild the first two. And then...

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Hooptie J wrote 10/25/2015 at 06:47 point

Funny you say that, I have a far more ambitious Biped project in mind once he's running, micro9g servos are great .. but i want a Mechwarrior style biped that can lug a camera, some sensors, maybe one of those usb nerf missile launchers..  etc ...  ive been looking at 100g+ torque  1/8 scale monster truck servos for hips and ankles, and starting poke at designing a 4x scale version. thats a bit down the road though, at $110 each for the servos, it will be waiting a while on funds.

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Radomir Dopieralski wrote 10/25/2015 at 08:04 point

Have you considered using smart servos? Dynamixels start at ~$40...

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