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A project log for Tension Biped - A new take on a 9g Servo Walker

- A new take on a 9g Servo Biped Walker

Hooptie J 11/05/2015 at 03:560 Comments

This week I've been spending time in 123D.Circuits and Fritzing Getting all my wires mapped, and testing out bits of code.

I bring you The robot-side Schematic - Thanks to!

We're looking at - The 8 Robot Leg Servos, Battery pack for power, Arduino Nano uC, CommonAnode Dual Color LED, and the NrF24l01 2.4 module.

The receiver Powers on, and lights the red LED, once the radio gets a link from the transmitter/controller side the LED lights green, it will flip red if the signal is interrupted or out of range.

Transmitter/Controller side Coming Soon!