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ivo-slaninaIvo Slanina 07/12/2016 at 17:300 Comments

I'm happy to announce that I released new mqspeak version a few days ago. It contains some bug fixes and also some new features. Let'st briefly describe them:

Update waiting

When channel update consists of data from multiple sensors, it may happen that one sensor die. By default channel never will be updated until data from all sensors arrives. Inactive sensor causes channel update will be stalled.

When update waiting enabled, mqspeak will wait defined amount of seconds and then sends out even incomplete channel update.

On-Change update

I have implemented 'onchange' updater for handling asynchronous events, like opening and closing a doors or events from buttons. This updater simply sends every configured MQTT message to ThingSpeak/Phant channel. If events happens too often, mqspeak will store them in local buffer and send them out when remote server can accept new update.

syslog support

I removed logging to stdout and replaced it by logging to syslog. It provides easier control what the services does and more convenient debugging.


New mqspeak version is already uploaded into pip repository. You can install it by issuing of following command:

$ sudo pip3 install mqspeak