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ivo-slaninaIvo Slanina 12/05/2016 at 12:240 Comments

Hello open-source and IoT community!

I paused development of mqopen for a while, due lack of spare time. But I got few ideas what to do and I'm in programming mood, so let's continue in development.

I'm experimenting with incubator project. I want to build very simple incubator for my sister. She is breeding cockroaches as feeder insect for her bearded dragon.

So, first some fact about cockroaches, particularly about Blaptica dubia species. They ideal temperature is about 28-30 °C. If temperature is higher than 30 °C, they lifetime is shorter. Also, the will not breed below 20 °C. They generally likes higher humidity. This species don't need that much high humidity, compared to other ones. But, high humidity leads to creating of mold. Recommended humidity slightly above 60 %. Blaptica dubia are sexually adult after 8 - 12 months, so keeping them as feeder insect as quite long term run. If the colony dies, it takes long time to grow new one.

Incubator design

So, incubator should have following features:

Computer fan is experimental feature. It should ensure better air flow in the incubator box and potentially suck wet and warm air out. It is also supposed to be used in other applications, so 12 V power output can be useful.

Of course, incubator will be connected into network using MQTT protocol. It will report temperature, humidity or state of heaters, and potential alarms. It should be also configured over network connection.

Let me know if you like the project :)