Simple huh?

A project log for ZAViouR Board - AVR/Z80 Hybrid

A Z80 experimenters board with a supervisory AVR and 64K of SRAM

Steve SmithSteve Smith 08/25/2015 at 20:430 Comments

Well, it was supposed to be. I've been wrangling with C++ programming for several days, trying to get the SRAM to accept code stored in the AVR's array. I've poured over many tutorials and seen videos and I can't make it work. I am down to attempting to program just two bytes and read them back but I need a break!

Any help gratefully appreciated at this point.

[UPDATE] Well, after being prompted to radically change the code, I was re-writing it and found the bug! I was setting up the address ports incorrectly. One character out of place! That'll teach me.

On with the show...