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A project log for ZAViouR Board - AVR/Z80 Hybrid

A Z80 experimenters board with a supervisory AVR and 64K of SRAM

Steve SmithSteve Smith 09/03/2015 at 07:550 Comments

Development continues on ZAViouR. I've been doing a few bits and pieces with it but I get increasingly annoyed with myself for combining the AVRs serial lines with the Datalines. I made a small bar of LEDs to fully test the output, shown here in this video:

I shot this on my iPhone 6, but because of the way it records, it misses some of the LED flashes. All the LEDs flash in turn as they should do in reality.

I've added a few features to the new board.

There may be other things to modify/add as yet so for now, I will continue with the ZAViouR v1.01. A couple of things I have done, apart from add the manual /BUSRQ switch is to add some pull-up resistors to unused lines on the Z80 (like /INT) and add a capacitor across the 'Reset Z80' switch for a kinder power-up. Currently it is a 10uf but I may increase that to make the start-up delay a little longer.