Amazon Dash as Hue Light Switch

Using the amazon dash button as a switch for my hue lights.

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I recently read how someone used a python package 'Scapy' to scan the network for amazon dash button presses. I wanted to use this to generate commands for my Hue lights with the idea that i can use a $5 Dash button instead of the $60 Hue Tap button.

Using the info from Ted Benson's Medium post I was able to sniff my network packets for the dash button press. Instead of writing to a google spreadsheet my python script will make an API request to turn on or off my light.

There were 2 ways of doing this:

  1. Have the python script make the call directly to the Hue hub via Hue API
  2. Have it make a request to a middleman application

I chose option 2 because I was already planning on using openHab to control a few things around the house. Luckily openHab has a REST API built in.


  • Amazon Dash button
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Wireless adapter for the Pi
  • Hue lights
  • Hue hub


More to come soon...

  • 1 × Amazon Dash button
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi
  • 1 × Hue Lights
  • 1 × Hue Hub

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