HackerBox visits Weistek in Portland, Oregon.

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lol travelling salesman problem

Jeremy g.Jeremy g. 06/20/2016 at 06:280 Comments

I guess it's about time I did an update for the box. The box is ready to go to the next person, just waiting on some info before it can be shipped out. I like photos, so this post will have a lot of them.

It arrived!!

The box has definitely seen better days.

A note from @MobileWill I enjoyed that, made it seem like you weren't just receiving a box of random bits.

My daughters new best friend, she carries it everywhere. Thanks to who ever put the bug in there, she said she just had to have it.

ok here is whats in the box, or at least some pics of what is in the box. There's so much stuff in there i can't begin to list everything. Massive caps, random boards, lots of dev boards, some cell phones one of which still boots up.

more stuff.

Sadly the large display was broken, I took it out and chucked it since there were no usable parts on it.

Here is the stuff I took from the box.

these are the things I put in the box.

usbISP packaged with a 10pin to 6 pin ICSP header adapter that I also make. Sorry colors of the cases are random.

More stuff added to the box.

And that's about it. I tried to put back equal to what I took out. The box is pretty stuffed, I wanted to clean it out but didn't want to seem greedy. Down below are more pics of what was in the box. I also repacked some stuff into the plastic box to clear room for the other stuff. I also put some bubble wrap on top of the other screen so it would not get damaged.

two minute taredown of the visa machine.

The visa machine contains just about everything needed to build a z80 computer. hell it just about is in its own. just needs some tinkering.

The other side (top side) is just the control board for the VFD display and the buttons. Ill post a log when I tinker with it.

more stuff that was in the box. I added some of the loose objects to this box for better packing.

This plastic box is just packed.. I also repacked this box a bit.

This was an amazing experience to be apart of, I'd like to thank @Benchoff for allowing me to take part in the hacker box. I would love to take part in the next round. I have more things I want to put in but cant fit into this one.