SOT23-6 0805 Breakout Board for sale

A project log for pin^2: An augmented approach to breakout boards

pin^2 is a more versatile breakout board with space for extra components

Analog TwoAnalog Two 04/08/2016 at 14:020 Comments

Just posted a breakout board for SOT23-6 devices. The breakout board is SIL in design and accommodates pads to place 0805 components across any pair of terminals on the SOT23 IC. So you can pull up your signals, bypass your VCC and GND, etc all one simple board that easily plugs into your breadboard.

Check it out on my tindie page:

To determine where to place your components, look at the labeled pads below.

So to put a component across pins 1 and 3 of your IC, look for the pair of opposing pads labeled PIN1 and PIN3 (on the left side of the image below).